What the bang dang diddly is goin on?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Me + U = infiniti US

Hi ya mugly! I am posting using Dpdassoc's place to ask you to invite me to your blog here. Okay bunkie? I will look for your permission as you send it to me. Don't be shy. It is always a gas to see what you childrens are up to.

What ever has been, we start today with a clean slate. If you are mad, curious or heavy laden-- if you are happy, joyous, or superlative then call me, us. Call anytime. Call Desiree. Call Pat 2. Hey, we'll do some barking at the wind.

Nice articles in here. I will be perusing and making my single-witted comments as I go.

You are also an author on MooPigWisdom, FAST--Faithful and Steadfast, and here at AW. There may be more, I don't know. I see you are also in the fezbook, so get on board, this trains a coming!

Monday, March 3, 2008


I have discovered the best treatment for acne to date. Discipline. Yes, this is all one needs, as long as an individual sticks to a daily regime your skin murmurs will disappear. It is that simple. There is no need to spend a monthly payment, doctor prescriptions, or healing shaman for your ailment. Believe you me, I had horrible acne and after taking the time to wash my face everyday and every night viola no more bumps. It was a miracle. My simple plan that I stuck to was regular soap in the morning, then lotion to protect and soothe my skin. At night I would use some type of off the shelf facial wash, but nothing with too much chemical makeup. It took trial and error before I found the right enhanced wash for me. This type of wash all depends on the person as well.

Experimentation is another key step. Find out what works for you. If something irritates your skin more than helping it try something new. Change is good. I had tried two different washes before I found my love. One was a benzoyll cream. This caused red flushing in my skin and dried it out. Then I tried a salysillic acid. (pardon my butchering of spelling). The salysillic acid wash helped a lot more but the concentrated percentage was causing irritation. I currently use this type of wash but with a lesser yield value, one percent to two percent, I believe is the best yield. As a precautionary step I recommend starting with something with no chemical make up, and has an ex foliating feature. A lot of washes that have the beads in them are very good. They tend to pick up all the dead and dry skin off your face. If you see no results, try something with some kick in it, gets the face tingling. More and more I see changes in my skin as I continue with my procedure. Scar tissue is regaining its youthful complex and new bumps seize to exist within a day. The more you use the tools that are given to fight off bad skin the more your skin will praise you for it.