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Saturday, May 10, 2008

MTC #11

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MTC Eleven Write your own Law, by Andy G
If you were given the ability to write and pass what law, what would it be?

Forms: of laughter, by Steven aka Muttly
I am not to pass a law upon another man. However I will give my knowledge in light of a discussion. Most times it ends up horribly, and then the calm feeling settles over. It is just as easy to change the subject. “So what do you think of the new look?” I asked Amanda heartedly. No response is to be accepted. Then the strangest thing happens. Like a sporadic manifestation of mental stability, the conversation turns physical. Why on earth is there so much a girl can talk about? My own simple mind is broken my head is the arrow and I watch my tail. This is tricky she may be searching to cultivate, plant a seed in my mind. A bright and blurry rush of energy overcomes me. This sensation is new light, new warmth. The beauty of a woman can be measured with intensity. The radiance of all life can be stemmed from their breezy ways. Delicate like a bird or even butterfly, fluttering intently for hope. A simple law I have can be measured in excrements of years. Decades far away from us will always apply these rules. In Childhood we Complain, Adolescence we Acclaim, Adults we Announce, and as Seniors, well I am still attempting adulthood. Love and let live. Watch the birds. Feed the air. Smell the Sun. Lick the rain. Laugh with some ing.

Forms: of laughter Ha ha. Rar rar har har. Muaha ha ha Lla dee French toast da. Muttly the Funk Dood. patent that.