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Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Greatest Generation Speaks

 As a 92 year old retired Military Officer having served for nearly 42 years and having Three Grown grand daughters, all over 40, three Great Grand-kids and an 88 year old wife of 70 years, I feel well-qualified to point out some of the problems facing this God-inspired Republic.

1)  We have abandoned our God and worship Baal.
2)  The filth and criminality of Party Politics.
3)  Perverted educational standards.
4)  Glorification or acceptance of premarital sex with the resultant unwanted pregnancies.
5)  Gratuitous sex in movies, advertisements and pornography.
6)  Lack of Parental guidance and setting of standards.
7)  Lack of Patriotism.
8)  Total unawareness of our Founding standards.
9)  Lack of Character.
10) Lack of Loyalty.
11) Lack of Courtesy.
12) Lack of Thrift.
13) Lack of Cleanliness.
14) Lack of Morality. .

A suggested remedy; A mandatory requirement -- Two (2) years of military service directly out of high school in a Combat Branch! There these crybabies will learn Discipline, Cleanliness, Morality, Teamwork, numerous skills and a loyalty to God and Country.

Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (Ret)


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